57 “Use the rules to find a place to hang the wall decoration

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In my teens and early twenties, it was perfectly fine to tape or paste things that are basically called decorations on the wall, such as posters and photographs. But as we get older, our tastes, including art, can change.

You probably want to take your living room to the next level and hang something on the framed wall. It’s a great idea, but where exactly do you hang it? That’s where the 57-inch rule comes in. Here’s what you need to know about this design trick: Chalmers of Spruce..

57 “What are the rules?

After all, designers and gallerists are often We use 57 “as a standard measure of eye height. At some point some calculations were done, but now it doesn’t matter if it’s the average human eye height or not. It’s just one of the industries. It has a wide range of standards. Stuck.

If not clear at this point, the 57-inch rule requires that wall art and decoration be suspended 57 inches from the ground. Artist and founder Christie Kout said: Hapiart, Explained it Spruce:

“The 57-inch rule is a great standard to use when hanging art. This means that the center of the artwork must be 57 inches from the ground, which helps to align the art to eye level. When used throughout the house, it can create a balance and harmony in your art collection. “

Not only do interior designers use it when decorating their clients’ homes, but art galleries and museums often use the 57-inch rule.

57 “How to use the rule

This decoration strategy is simple, but there are some things you need to know when using it. Charmers:

  • If you’re new to hanging something on the wall, you can start somewhere with the 57-inch rule.
  • The “rules” are actually quite flexible and can also be used as a baseline. In addition, it is not possible to hang wall art on all types of walls, so you may have to work with what you have, even if it means you violate the 57-inch rule.
  • Would you like to create a gallery wall? 57 “Use the rules to place the anchor pieces and build the rest of the collection around them.
  • Consider the size of the art in relation to the size of the room. Small pieces often hang below 57 inches and fit snugly.

57 “Use the rules to find a place to hang the wall decoration

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