5 Most Important Questions Your Criminal Lawyer Should Easily Answer

The only way to make your case worse is hiring the wrong lawyer. One of the easiest way to determine a good attorney from the one that has insufficient expertise for your case is asking questions. Alberta Legal experts can answer them easily, but you still should know, what to ask. Here’s a little helping list. 

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

No one wants to be in a situation where you need the help of a criminal lawyer. But life is unpredictable and it is impossible to say with certainty what will happen tomorrow. At any moment you or your loved ones may not intentionally break the law or be falsely accused of a crime. 

Regardless of the circumstances, criminal proceedings can have a negative impact on the rest of your life. Legal representation can greatly increase the chances of a favorable outcome. If you don’t have money for a lawyer, one will be appointed for you by the court. But public defenders are usually swamped with cases and don’t have enough experience. 

They will not thoroughly investigate your problem. To achieve a successful result of the proceedings, you need to turn to proven and experienced lawyers. Finally, determining the choice of a specialist will help with questions that should be asked by the criminal lawyer during the consultation. 

Ask them, you can ask any representative of the defense. Take the interview seriously, because it depends on your freedom and the rest of your life. Ask a criminal lawyer anything that you think is important. Good defense lawyers have an excellent reputation, a positive experience, and an appropriate education. 

What to ask a criminal lawyer before hiring?

To find a criminal lawyer who can help you win your case, you need to pay attention to many criteria. Good defenders have a positive experience, have relevant knowledge, and carefully examine the nature of the proceedings. The following questions will help with the definition of a criminal lawyer who will definitely solve your problem. 

What experience do you have in criminal cases?

Legal practice does not play a significant role in choosing a lawyer. Experience in criminal law is important. Experience in this area indicates a sufficient level of knowledge that is necessary to protect the interests of the client. It is believed that a good criminal lawyer with decent experience has already established relationships with judges, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies. He knows the entire court system in which the case will be considered. 

What kind of cases do you specialize in?

Criminal defense attorneys don’t take on every trial. Each one has a specific narrow focus, such as:

  • sexual assault;
  • kidnapping;
  • drug charges;
  • violent crimes;
  • homicide and bodily injury;
  • youth offenses. 

It is important to find out in advance if a lawyer is working on your referral case. If he or she is defending your proceeding, keep asking other questions. 

How much do your services cost?

At your consultation with a criminal lawyer, you should clarify the amount of the fee and the number of additional costs. Keep in mind, some defense representatives require a fixed fee, while others calculate the amount of compensation for actual hours worked. Reliable attorneys are honest and open with their clients about their fees. 

Keep in mind that the time frame for handling cases may vary. Some proceedings will take several weeks to review, others will take several months to investigate. Complex and serious cases drag on for years. 

Some civil and criminal lawyers work as a team. This can also affect the cost of services. Be sure to find out how the advocate works beforehand. Teamwork is expensive, but it will result in your case being reviewed much faster. Since the attorney will be able to delegate certain issues to his or her assistants. 

Do you have any work tactics?

If you need criminal defense, you need to start immediately. There will always be circumstances that cannot be delayed. For example, to begin, the lawyer should familiarize himself or herself with the terms of your bail or change of restraint. You must be honest and straightforward with your lawyer. This is the only way the defense attorney can help you. 

Tell all the details of your case, make a list of possible witnesses, voice your version of events. A good lawyer will listen carefully to your client during the interview, take notes, and offer a clear plan of what needs to be done right now. Follow the recommendations of your defense attorney, if you remember something about the case, be sure to let your representative know. 

Criminal lawyers and the law always go side by side. Feel free to ask questions at the interview when choosing a defense attorney. Study client reviews and law firm websites beforehand – this will help you save time and find the best criminal lawyer.

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