5 cons of a desk booking software & how to avoid them

Desk booking software is an evolving trend, especially in 2021, as millions of people have already adopted this to concede to flexible working practices. The pandemic has forced many people to embrace remote work. Even as we return to the office, many restrictions at workplaces have been implemented.

Businesses that are spread across horizons and have a global presence have been adopting desk booking software to ensure a seamless implementation of a hybrid workplace. Two of the most common desk booking concepts include hoteling and hot-desking. While hoteling allows employees to reserve desks in advance for a limited time, hot-desking allows ad hoc bookings based on desk availability. 

In a hybrid work setting, managing desks can be a massive challenge. With some employees visiting the office and others working from home, desk management can lead to confusion. A  desk booking software  can ease the difficulties with technology, removing any manual intervention. Facility managers and workplace admins can provide an optimized space for the employees with a desk booking software. In short, software as such can ease the workplace regardless of the model implemented. 

However, just as beneficial it is, there are a few cons to the desk booking software as well. Let us look at the pitfalls of desk booking software.

5 Cons of Desk Booking Software

  1. Hard to Find the Desk: 

Sometimes, it may become difficult to find a desk, and people often book the space in advance to be extra secure. If an employee decides to visit the office adhoc, they have to try booking their preferred desk at a desirable time and location. 

  1. Difficulty to Locate Team-Mates: 

Sometimes when you want to discuss something with your colleague or teammate, it may become difficult to locate them. If the desk booking software is not managed correctly right from the beginning, you may miss working collaboratively with your colleague. 

  1. Long Time to Search the Desk: 

Before being productive, you will have to waste your time on unproductive work like searching for a desk on desk booking software. This way the organizations have to force their employees to hunt for the desk every day that may end up the loss in business ROI and decrease its turnover, especially when many people are waiting for the seat at the same time. 

  1. Availability of the Latest Technical Tools: 

If you decide to use desk booking software, you may have to be equipped with all the latest hardware and software to run the system properly. If you have a low budget, it may become difficult for you to manage the transitions and other essential business expenses. 

  1. Matching with Profile

 Desk booking  software features may and may not be suitable for every existing business role or profile. This may look like an excellent fit for some roles, while for others, it may not. A better approach may be to have a hybrid system to book the desks for the employees. Some roles may work properly with a traditional dedicated setup, while others may work best with modern desk booking software or systems.

Why Avoid the Cons or Pitfalls of Desk Booking Software?

The drawbacks of desk booking software are only seen by those organizations who do not consider and implement it in a planned manner. Businesses that focus on cutting the cost and do not consider employee feedback will not make the software useful. 

Failed execution and implementation of any system increase the chances of failure. The employees start feeling unhappy, uncared, and stressed when they have to follow or adopt any unorganized approach. As a solution, while implementing the new system, the employer should think foresightedly. 

How to Avoid Cons of Desk Booking Systems?

The good news is that all cons that we discussed above can be avoided entirely. A desk booking software should be flexible. Moreover, the system should be compatible with all devices, including mobile phones, to make desk bookings from any place and device.

There should be a dashboard or display board through which employees can know about the desk availability. The software should allow the employees to find or search their teammates to work in a collaborative environment. 

Finally, it is clear that while  selecting the right desk booking software  for your needs,  you should try to find the one that should meet your requirement. 

A desk booking software concept will essentially become essential and effective soon. They make it easier for the employees to book the desk.  With these systems, the organizations will have to use and maintain fewer desks in the organization. Less furniture and other arrangements will undoubtedly reduce the cost and make the procedure smooth. The employees can also be more productive. 

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