4 Reasons to Earn CertboltGoogle Professional Cloud Architect Certification in the Near Future

To ensure the continuous progress of the business, the organizations should leverage the newest technologies. This includes Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam Cloud that has brought great relief to many companies because of its affordability, flexibility, and scalability. But the enterprises also need qualified personnel who can effectively address these technologies. Thus, anyone who wants to connect his/her career path with Google Cloud needs to consider the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification. This post gives you more information on how to earn this credential and what benefits it brings.

What Is Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification and How Can You Earn It?

The CertboltGoogle Professional Cloud Architect badge introduces the professionals to an exhaustive understanding of Google Platform as well as Cloud architecture. As an architect, your responsibilities will include creating, developing, and managing dynamic Cloud solutions to drive business processes.

You’ll be awarded the certificate after passing the prerequisite test. The exam is 2 hours long and includes multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. It is available in English and Japanese and costs $200. You can pass this test either online or in person, visiting the nearest testing center.

You need to remember that your preparation is key to passing the test. You can use the official training options available on the exam page including courses, study guides, and hands-on labs. Your Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification should also incorporate practice tests into your study plan to enhance your performance in the certification exam. Let’s now proceed to the advantages of theCertboltGoogle Professional Cloud Architect credential.

Why DoYou Need Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification?

Let’s now proceed to the advantages of this sought-after credential.

  1. Cloud technology skills

When you get the CertboltGoogle Professional Cloud Architect certificate, it implies that you have a good command of specific skills. They include:

  • Designing and planning Cloud solutions for infrastructure
  • Managing and provisioning the solution for Cloud architecture
  • Designing for security as well as compliance
  • Analyzing and optimizing technical & business processes
  • Managing implementation related to cloud architecture
  • Ensuring reliability in solutions as well as operations
  1. Better job opportunities

The Google Professional Cloud Architect badge can play a crucial role in elevating your career. The expertise gained thanks to its exam gives you the confidence to go through the interview at any company. It also boosts your proficiency in the eyes of your potential employer. This means you become more hireable compared to your previous status before obtaining the credential.

  1. Enhanced earning capacity

This Google certification leads to a better Certboltpaycheck. According to ZipRecruiter, certified Cloud architects have an average income of $135,980 per year.

  1. Improved performance

When you have the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification, you’ll be able to apply your skills in optimizing your work to get improved results. Your expertise in creating and managing scalable and secure solutions will ensure your company’s development.


HoldingtheCertboltGoogle Professional Cloud Architect badge means you have advanced skills, which in turn imply you’re able to achieve tangible results.This makes you a valuable asset to the team and entails generous rewards. There is no better time for earning this certification and improving your career prospects than now!

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