32 Thoughts: Coyote, a healthy Chychrun ready to showcase for potential trades

It was the summer of 2002, just after Steve Yzerman’s best season. He led team his Canada to an Olympic gold medal and the Detroit Reds he led the Wings to Stanley his Cup. Twenty years later, teammates are still amazed at what he’s endured.

The question became: Can his knee be fixed? can he continue? When he visited the industry-leading Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, Yzerman was recommended that he visit Dr. Peter Fowler at the University of Western Ontario. So he did.

“U.S. doctors saw him as an innovator,” Yzerman said Tuesday. “He took a piece of paper and a pencil and showed[illustrated]what he was going to do. but not necessarily Dr. Fowler.

What Fowler illustrated was an osteotomy, in which the knee bone was cut and realigned to relieve pain.

“He suggested to me that the damage had been done and could not be repaired. This was to lengthen the joint itself and change the load point of the knee.”

Fowler clarified that there is no guarantee that the operation will succeed and Yzerman will continue to play. He encouraged Yzerman to consider his retirement.

“I knew it was literally my last leg,” the captain said.

Yzerman’s own grit and determination are the main reasons he returned to action on February 24, 2003. This was his first NHL game of 152 bonuses. Doubting him is foolish.

But helping someone find a way is also an important part of Fowler’s legacy. One of only two Canadians elected president of the American College of Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Fowler is He passed away last week at the age of 84. Local and international athletes benefited from his care. I remember one female soccer player in particular detailing how lucky she was to suffer a serious knee injury in Fowler’s eye socket.

In 2004, he repaired then Saunders Secondary School tight end Amil Derrick’s broken left ankle and helped produce a podcast. “The attention to rehab process was impressive and very detailed. It’s perfectly laid out,” he says Delic.

“My mom used to be a nurse in London, so I’ve known him for a long time,” Eric Lindros, another Hall of Famer, said Tuesday. Whatever the injury involved, we always said, “Dr. Pete. Whatever surgery I had, knee, shoulder, wrist, he was actively operating or in the room.”

“His whole philosophy was, ‘If you have a great idea, don’t just sit with it.’ Share it with the world. So that everyone can benefit from it.” will do.”

Its influence spanned multiple sports, from hockey to soccer. His Olympic skier Todd his Brooker and several Toronto his Blue Jays players have also worked with Dr. Fowler.

“He was a very humble man,” Lindros said. “He didn’t want the praise, he just hated it. There wasn’t one thing that was great about him, it was everything. A giant.”

32 Thoughts: A Podcast

Jeff Malek and Elliott Friedman know hockey. Pros and Juniors alike are always plugged in with the latest news, rumors and stories to know about the game.

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1. Some situations to watch: First, Florida. Anthony Duclair is on the road to recovery, and the Panthers — who twice forced him to play with 17 skaters because of the Cap Crunch — will have to find space. Duclair’s annual salary is his $3 million, so (hopefully) that number should clear up, assuming the Panthers otherwise stay healthy.

2. OTTAWA: Senators didn’t add a defenseman because they didn’t try hard enough. Name someone who might be available, they’ve considered it. This is one of my old lines of her. If drowning, other GMs will throw an anvil instead of a life preserver. I’m sure you’ve considered what kind of sweetener you need to move Nikita Zaitsev, but there are limits.

3. It looks like Ryan Reynolds has (or has) had at least two meetings with potential Senator-owned groups this week. It will be interesting to see if he ends up choosing his one of them, or if he, recognizing the positive public response, will the NHL try to place him as the ultimate purchaser. The process is expected to begin in earnest next week, with the frontrunners expected to be identified by mid-January. “He knows how to make an auction,” said a source on Sal Galatiote, who was hired by the senator to expedite the sale.

Wondering about The Weeknd’s potential involvement (as Ron MacLean wisely alluded to last Saturday), longtime Ottawa-area reporter Chris Stevenson is one of the potential buyers in the esports space. said it is affiliated with the Kimel family. The Weeknd’s two representatives, Wasim Sluibi and Amir Esmailian, lived in Ottawa after their family immigrated to Canada.

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Four. Jakob Chychrun played 23:04 in Monday’s comeback, losing to Nashville 4-3 in a very entertaining game. This is an absolute showcase that both the organization and players want to make this work and humanly possible. Most importantly, he stays healthy. Arizona still wants something in addition to his two first-round picks (future picks or recently drafted prospects). Most of all, the Coyotes impressively have the 7th best power play in the NHL.

Five. Conor Timmins’ AHL conditioning stint ends Wednesday. Injuries are his biggest problem, but there is no denying his talent. Arizona play so hard that it’s even harder to get out when they’re healthy. I’m sure there are other interests as well. He has an OHL Sault Ste. Murray’s history means everyone is wondering if Toronto is on their radar. That’s because he’s not difficult to handle with a tight cap and injury-related holes in defense.

6. Those injuries mean 2018 fourth-round pick Mac Hollowell could make his NHL debut soon. Eight years ago he was the 12th OHL selection by Sue Ste. Marie. That summer, Hollowell traveled several times a week from his home in Niagara Falls to Burlington (off his ice training) to Oakville (skating). No one thought much of it until he realized he didn’t have a car and was doing it in his fully equipped bus. There were people who really supported There is no guarantee that Hollowell will be this successful.

7. This may just be in my head, but will Los Angeles do a Patrick Kane pitch? The Kings’ .571 point percentage puts him sixth in the Western world, but the goal difference (-4) isn’t great. They have options and prospects to make this move.

8. Vancouver general manager Jim Rutherford has indicated he’s not in a rush to decide what to do with Bo Hobutt, saying the Canucks have turned his relationship upside down with JT Miller and the same could happen here. I always think Let’s see. I believe Vancouver has spoken with some potential coaches, but I don’t know if there is a timeline for taking action.

9. A week after San Jose GM Mike Greer said he would listen to offers for comeback player of the year Eric Carlson, it became clear that the most important piece of information gleaned was that potential suitors were among the rest. What do you want to do in 4 years? About the defenseman’s contract. What the shark can or will get in return depends on whether it is established.

Ten. We haven’t seen all of Jonathan Huberdeau’s previous shootout attempts, but after scoring in Florida last Saturday, he said it was the first time he simply shot instead of the deck. Will it be the turning point of his season? The adjustment hasn’t been easy, and it’s understandable if he’s still racking his brains over some spectacular offseason trades. Sometimes that closure is necessary and the weekend’s “official farewell” should do it, he scored again in his 5-2 win in Philadelphia on Monday.

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11. A story that doesn’t get enough attention: Columbus’ Nick Blankenburg, who will be out until the start of the year, has a few injuries after suffering a broken ankle in the Blue Jackets’ 5-2 victory over Philadelphia on November 10. I played as a replacement. An empty net. Blankenburg, who was signed by the Michigan NCAA as a free agent seven months ago, stayed in the game as Columbus lost his four healthy defenses.

12. Courtesy of blog friend John Davis: 14 of Boston’s 17 wins have come with at least two goals. The Bruins have a plus-40 point difference, putting him 11 ahead of second-placed New Jersey. Looking into some history, it’s really not on the limbs to suggest that Montreal in 1976-77 he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Canadiens’ plus-216 record. But in the salary cap era, the 2005-06 Senate set the standard for plus 107. That Ottawa team is the only cap-era club in the top 30, right where he is.

13. I wanted to send a letter of support to Jagger Joshua, who recently revealed that he was a victim of racism during the November 11th game against Ohio State. Brother Dakota, who is now in Vancouver after playing for the Buckeyes, spoke out in support of his brother to’s William Douglas.

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32 Thoughts: Coyote, a healthy Chychrun ready to showcase for potential trades

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