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3 Fresh Ways to Mix Margaritas

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The classic textbook margarita is the perfect summer drink. It’s sour and boozy and just the right amount of sweetness. Ride or Die Cocktail Even if there is. But because of my nature, I have no choice but to be absorbed in things, and even perfections. I mess around, tweak, and have sexual intercourse (or worse, get bored) because heaven forbids me to experience the same thing twice.

Living together is probably a hassle — never eat the same spaghetti sauce more than once! — But if you try a romantic relationship, my dislike of predictability and consistency makes me better at this particular job. If, like me, you can’t get away enough by yourself, there are three ways to tinker with the classic margaritas.

salt the drink instead of the glass

Imagine serving someone a fried egg with a salt rim on the edge of the plate, or coffee with sugar on the rim of a mug. no one will accept this.

Margarita salt trim certainly looks part of it, but it’s an inefficient way to season your drink.Salt goes well with summer drinks Drinks that are not marg— But having to lick a glass before taking a sip is inefficient and a bit ridiculous. Add authentic flavor to your drink Add salt to the shaker.

A healthy pinch is usually enough, but it can also be very accurate with saline. 50 grams of salt (eaters recommend Maldon) to 200 grams of boiling water, Can be added for each drop. You get all the flavorful benefits of salted rims without the hassle of licking.

Swirling spiciness there

Some people like their mergs spicy, and I get it. There is something exhilarating and dangerous about the combination of capsaicin and booze.

There are several ways to add heat to your cocktail. Mix pepper slices in a shaker, make syrup with chili peppers, grate jalapenos, and so on. orbiting the microplane into your glass (or pitcher). It contains spicy and aromatic oils and small spots of jalapeno (or other fresh pepper), but you can also easily control the level of spices. Grate a little, grate a lot, then swirl. You are done. (Be sure to wash your hands after grated. Do not use pepper oil on the peppers.)

Make a simple exchange

Margaritas are basic sour, not too much material, usually three or four. Although they are fairly optimized, many seemingly perfect arrangements can be reactivated with a few replacements.

Replacing tequila Smoky mezcal is the most obvious tweak, but I typically deploy over the winter.For more summer swaps, I like Play around with liqueurs and citrus, Replace Cointreau with Luxard Maraschino Liqueur and Lime Juice with Lemon. Luxard has a dry, almost almond-like cherry flavor and is my favorite, I mentioned earlierplay freely.

You can also use banana liqueur, limoncello (a citrus double action in combination with lime juice), or fruit brandy. Limes aren’t bad for citrus fruits, but lemons, Meyer lemons, and grapefruits (when combined with the right liqueur) are all fun.

As with any experiment, do not change one or more variables at a time. If not changed, the palate can be confused. (Actually you only need to change one variable at a time, but this is not real science, so allow some.)

3 Fresh Ways to Mix Margaritas

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