25 Secrets About Scream Revealed-E!online

19. Despite the initial pressure from executives and the level of the movie’s gusset, Craven kept the mood bright and fun on the set.

“We told me,’When making a horror movie, the experience doesn’t have to be horrifying,'” Kennedy told me. THR.. “This is one of the finest quotes I’ve ever heard. We made this crazy movie, but we drank wine at night and ate these civilized dinners. Towards the end of the movie, I was really sad that the movie was over and I started crying. The courtesy said, “Oh, honey. Don’t cry. That’s it. It’s a summer camp.” .. I say, “But this is my life.” She said, “No, honey. It’s only your life for three months, but we all have an unforgettable bond.”

20. All casts filmed on location in North Carolina stayed at the same hotel and spent time together in Arquette’s room with lava lamps and blacklight posters.

“David is a nut, so I bought all the toys I could buy at Santa Rosa. They were hanging from his ceiling,” Campbell told Ringer. “I think it was called’David’s Bar’or’David’s Club’.’Club David'”

21. Still, the housekeeping staff was not so excited about the actor staying at the hotel. “The hotel maids hated us. That’s for sure because we messed up a lot of sheets and pillowcases,” Ulrich recalled. “No matter how much I rubbed, I didn’t know how to shave the cream at that time, so [blood] It’s pretty easy to turn off. However, there is always a residual, which is always caught in pillowcases and seats. “

25 Secrets About Scream Revealed-E!online

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