2022 Best New Beauty Trends

Includes refillable packaging, moisturized skin and a revival of colorful makeup.

Between celebrity beauty lines, brand new product categories (Hello Scalp Treatments), and an ongoing commitment to skin care, 2021 was the flagship year of beauty trends. And we are here to tell you that the excitement will continue for 2022! We dug up a crystal ball and predicted what the biggest and best beauty trends of the year would be. From cryotherapy to skin care-incorporated hair care, these six beauty trends will look and feel great for the next 12 months.

1. Innovative body care

(Photo: Dr. Dennis Gross)

The skin under the neck is in the limelight this year. With so many brands expanding their skin care lines to body care, what they use inside and outside the shower is now an innovative ingredient-focused one, similar to the morning skin care routine. increase. Brands like Dr. Dennis Gross, the brains behind the best-selling home peels on the market, deliver powerful AHA and BHA everywhere on the body, a sister exfoliating that does the quick job of stubborn acne. The drug was launched and keratosis pilaris. Meanwhile, popular ingredients such as squalane, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and glycerin are infiltrating body wash and oil while shining limbs.

If you are interested in adding exfoliating to your body care routine, keep in mind that acid should be slowly introduced into the skin. Start with a peel or exfoliating serum every two weeks and work your way up from there.

2. Bright color of hair and face

We love the look of makeup as natural as the next person, but it’s exciting to see saturated shades return to the look of mainstream beauty. And there will be no more timing. In the midst of a new wave of COVID-19, we are looking for an easy way to add a hilarious twist to our daily lives.From testing the bold dye work (enter J.Lo’s baby pink wave) and the bold eye makeup on the red carpet (we meet you) Nicola Coughlan When Angela Bassett), Celebrities have tried bold looks. Color will continue to play a leading role on the red carpet after 2022. Replace the brown eyeliner with a dark blue or emerald tone, or apply colored mascara several times. Eyelashes for a subtle yet stylish effect. For everyday wear, swipe the bright red lipstick to boost your mood.

3. Cryotherapy

To explain the beauty trends of cryotherapy, there are two metal freezing sticks in the ice.

(Text, Andrean Dion. Photo, Eric Putz. Produced by Amy Nishitoba. Styling, Tricia Hall.)

Legend has it that Empress Catherine II of Russia chills her skin every day and may be obsessed with something. Facial massage using tools that have just been taken out of the freezer is said to have many benefits. “It can soothe the skin by constricting blood vessels and regulate blood circulation, which helps to soothe inflammation and swelling,” says Facial List. Vee Mistry, Who is using cryotherapy in her Toronto studio.. Gently slide the icy tool over a cleansed face prepared with serum, oil, or sheet mask, moving from the center towards the hairline. Use press and release motion for bonus sculpting actions. Also, if you want to enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy without applying ice-cooling tools to your skin, create a cooling skin care formula that is easy for brands such as Lancome and Bosia to use.

4. Moist make-up

Good news — leave your skin moisturized. This trend, which has been around for several years, leaves a matte texture in the dust and has established a solid position as the mainstay of cosmetology. The goal is to have radiant, natural-looking skin. And this year, more thin and skincare-packed formulas hit the shelves, and this year is the year to abolish the hyperfilter finish. Brands such as NARS and Ilia have recently launched a skin-enhancing foundation formula that combines skin care ingredients with coverage to provide a natural, moist finish for ultimate radiance.

Also on the menu: The overall tear-wet make-up look achieved with shiny blush and eyeshadow. New York-based make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes put a glossy make-up on the map with one hand, so she took a page from her book and took a thin cover foundation, a slight blush on her cheeks, a balm or Apply cream highlighter. A high point on the face to get that glassy shine.

5. Hair care using skin care ingredients

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This trend, called “skinning” of hair care, focuses on incorporating some of the most beloved supercharged ingredients in skin care into shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments. The idea is that if these active substances can bring wonders to the skin, they can also bring those benefits to both the scalp (extension of the skin) and the hair.Crowd favorites like hydration hyaluronic acid, Strengthening Centella asiatica And enhance the brilliance Niacinamide Now there is a spot in our shower lineup. And that doesn’t even have to break the bank. Known for its affordable skin care products, Inkey List recently launched a line of hair care featuring ingredients such as peptides that help make hair plump and glycolic acid for deep clean scalp treatment. rice field.

6. Refillable package

2022 Beauty Trend, Body Shop Refill Station

Customers using replenishment stations available at The Body Shop stores across Canada. (Photo: The Body Shop)

It is a well-known fact that the beauty industry is one of the biggest causes when it comes to plastic waste. To minimize the impact on the environment, some companies are now offering new best-selling formulations in refillable containers. The mechanism is as follows. Instead of throwing away or recycling empty bottles when your favorite product is used up, brands such as Tata Harper, Glow Recipe, and Guerlain offer the option to buy new inserts and put them in existing packaging. .. Body shop Takes a slightly different approach and has set up replenishment stations in stores across Canada to allow customers to replenish their favorite hand wash, shower gel, or shampoo at their convenience. Needless to say, this is just the beginning. This easy and sustainable swap will be carried over this year.

2022 Best New Beauty Trends

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