2021 Tofino seaplane crash caused by wake from boat: TSB

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A Cessna A185F seaplane lost control during takeoff and rolled over in the shallow waters of Tofino Harbor last year, in part because of wakes from boats, according to a Transportation Safety Board investigation.

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The July 26, 2021 crash severely injured one front seat passenger, minor injuries to three other passengers and the pilot, and caused extensive damage to the Atreo River Air Service aircraft.

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Everyone on the plane was able to land on the sandbar.

TSB said the shallow water on the sandbar saved the lives of the crew and gave them time to exit the aircraft.

Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council President Judith Sayers, who was on the plane bound for Hot Springs Cove, was found hanging upside down with her head in the water after the crash, but was safely rescued by her son Cole. said. Thayers.

The plane was scheduled to make several flights during the day, but fog delayed the first flight. TSB said takeoff of the crashed flight was delayed due to boat traffic on the chosen route.

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As the channel cleared, the boat’s wake slowed the plane’s takeoff speed, causing the pilot to turn right on the surface to try and close the distance.

The aircraft then took off from the water at low airspeed, according to TSB. This was probably due to the wake from her second boat or the way she used the controls.

“When the aircraft was airborne in a right turn at low airspeed, the left wing aerodynamically stalled at too low an altitude to regain control before the wing touched the water,” the report said. .

Weather was not considered a factor as there was a 2-knot WNW wind and no wind chop on the water.

The report also warns that using estimated passenger weights when planning flights may underestimate weight if proper guidance is not available. However, it could affect future conditions, the report said.

After the incident, Atreo River Air Service added 15 minutes between flights to give pilots more time to complete their pre-flight duties.

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2021 Tofino seaplane crash caused by wake from boat: TSB

Source link 2021 Tofino seaplane crash caused by wake from boat: TSB

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