15 Outfit Ideas To Look Pretty In Pastel

During the spring and summer, pastel colors are a popular choice for ladies of all ages. What are the finest pastel clothing combinations, however, with so many different ways to wear pastels?

What fashion items go well with the current pastel color scheme? What about footwear while wearing a pastel dress? This article will clear all of your concerns. Tops, skirts, and pants don’t have to be all in pastel hues to look good.

Rings, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are examples of jewelry that features them. Why not add a few of these products to your clothing as an accessory? Rings with pastel floral patterns are common, and they serve as an excellent way to break up a lot of colors.

Small pastel-toned stones set in necklaces, bracelets, and anklets provide a splash of color to otherwise plain clothing. It’s no surprise that the pastel hue trend has inspired content on a variety of platforms and modes, including InVideo and others. To learn how to dress like a pastel-colored fashion guru, keep reading to know 15 trending ways to adorn pastels.

15 Trendy Pastel Clothing Ideas

1. Lilac Pastels on a Basic Outfit

Wearing pastel outerwear is the most straightforward approach to inject some color into your ensemble. Because the pastel color has been so popular this year, we suggest opting for a lilac jacket, shrug, or blazer. Wear a white shirt and black trousers for a more formal appearance, or a simple tee and jeans for a more relaxed, partially-pastel combo.

2. Lilac Bottoms with Mint Green Top

Due to their cold undertones, mint green and lilac/pastel blue blend exceptionally well with one another in the realm of pastels. Pair a basic pastel green shirt with lilac pants for an easy way to integrate this color combination into your style.

For a dressier pastel appearance, you don’t have to wear trousers. Instead, try a skirt or a pair of paper-bag shorts. Remember that a pastel color may not be your best option if you have an uneven complexion. So, if you have a fair skin tone with warm undertones, you should stick to warmer pastel colors like red and orange.

3. Pastel Blazer with Shorts

This ultra-trendy glam look is perfect for channeling your inner Instagram influencer. Wearing a huge solid pastel blazer over basic short shorts or skirts is one of the top trends in this fashion category. If that’s too much for you, try a pastel blazer dress with a belted waist instead. Put on a stunning updo and accessorize with simple gold chains around your neck!

4. Monochrome Pastel Look

To begin, there’s a frequent misunderstanding that has to be dispelled. Instead of merely meaning black and white, the phrase monochrome refers to wearing many shades of one color together. With that in mind, a monochromatic take on your pastel ensemble would result in a wildly vivid and quirky ensemble. Accessorize with a neutral palette or the palest shade of your chosen pastel color.

5. Pastel Prints with Solid Pastels

Choose this if you wish an eye-catching pastel effect. An ensemble produced for the runway has a whimsical pattern mixing many pastel colors on one garment. The second item in a solid complementary pastel hue, maybe the most dominating ones in print. Minimize your accessories and allow your quirky pastel combination to do the talking instead!

6. Yellows with Blue Denims

For those who like a more subtle look, this pair of pastel sunglasses will never let you down. To experiment with the pastel trend, all you need is a gorgeous muted pastel yellow blouse and a pair of classic blue denims. An edgy pair of ankle boots or a gold thick chain around your neck can raise the experimental quotient in your look.

7. Bottoms with Neutral Tops

Once again, if wearing one shade of pastel over another doesn’t appeal to your style, feel free to go for a pastel and neutral color scheme instead. The best option is a pair of vibrant pastel wide-leg high-waisted wide-leg slacks tucked in under a basic neutral cami or top. It’s hard to go wrong with a combination of beige and bubblegum pink; this outfit is sure to get plenty of admiring glances!

8. Pastel Tops with Basic Denim

If you want to strike a balance between a simple pastel style and an outlandishly colorful ensemble, choose numerous pastel colors on one item of your attire. You may easily use a geometric boxy print shirt with contrasting pastel tones to create color blocking. As you may have observed, blue jeans look well with just any color, and in this instance, they bring up the vibrancy of your top half. 

9. Muted Pastels with White Blouse

This is one of the dressier ways to play with pastel that is elegant and refined yet cute enough to make a fashion statement. The world of pastel comes in various shades, ranging from ultra-bright to softly-muted, and this pastel costume concept is closer to the latter than the former. A blush pink midi skirt and a white top make the ideal day-to-night look. You may wear a shorter skirt or even a pair of pants in place of the midi.

10. Blue Top with White Shorts

Isn’t it true that the finest things in life are the most basic? While the phrase may not be valid in other situations, it holds for this pastel appearance. When worn with frayed-hem or high-waisted tailored shorts, a powder blue fitting shirt creates an effortlessly stylish and relaxed pastel-colored ensemble. Accessorize with glossy accessories, or go for beach waves in your hair to amp up the glam factor.

11. Rainbow Pastel with Basic Outfit

This is my favorite interpretation of pastel clothing, in my opinion. I like how this outfit incorporates a variety of pastel colors without being too garish. A simple, simplistic pastel-fashion hack is a sheer rainbow pastel shirt over an all-white ensemble or a white tank and basic denim combination!

12. Color Blocking with Multiple Pastel Shades

Bring out your inner diva by wearing a pastel dress with a super-modelesque color-blocking approach. A crisp, current outfit calls for three distinct hues of brilliant pastel in your top, bottom piece, and shoes. Pull your hair back into a messy bun and allow the delicate tendrils to frame your face. Keep the rest of your look basic.

13. Pastel Power Suits

I am a firm believer that every woman should have a go-to power suit in her wardrobe that quickly transforms her into a business babe. And if your business suit is a pastel tint, you get an additional 100 style points! If you want to seem tough and feminine in the boardroom, don’t be afraid to wear a pastel suit.

14. Pastel Accessories

Are you still a newbie when it comes to the world of pastel fashion? Don’t worry; you don’t have to jump in with both feet. You may start small by adding pastel accessories to your everyday ensembles. Simply adding a single piece of bright, joyful color to your clothing can make all the difference in the world and transform your look from plain and boring to fabulous in no time at all!

15. Pastel-ized Eye Makeup

The simplest outfit in this collection of pastel ensembles. So go ahead and give it a go; you won’t be sorry! For those who have never done eye makeup before, we highly advise them to stick to softer pastel shades, so their eye makeup doesn’t wind up seeming too dramatic. There are some eye makeup ideas with pastel colors or pastel colored clothes.

Final Thoughts

Pastel colors aren’t only for spring and summer, and these vibrant hues are appropriate for all occasions. Experiment with various color schemes and styles; working out in pastels would be simple. Bring some peace to your senses, freshen up your clothes, and maintain your dazzling good looks as usual.

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