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13 of the most misunderstood lyrics in music history

Chorus “Dazzled by the lightIs one of the most widely misunderstood lyrics in the history of music and is arguably the most ridiculous. Bruce Springsteen’s miniature masterpiece, with the boss singing clearly. Cut loosely like Deuce, another runner at night. Deuce is a hot rod slang, so it rhymes and makes sense and fits the rest of the song. But then Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Jesus, who was stupid in the ’70s) covered the “blindness”, cracked, and the problem began.

In addition to dozens of changes to the original (everything got worse *), Mann changed the “cut loose” part to “revival” and pronounced everything with an indistinguishable slur / accent. The chorus is “dazzling by the light.” Another runner at night, wrapped like irrigation. Mann really looks like he’s singing “irrigation,” but I can’t believe she thought many would have the lyrics in her hits.

Springsteen joked about everything, saying that Manfred Mann made the song more popular by making it a song about women’s hygiene products. Man said“I think Springsteen didn’t like our’blinded by the light’. The’Cos we sang’was wrapped like irrigation.” We didn’t. So I did it intentionally, so if I’ve seen him, I’ll avoid him and crouch like a frightened little boy. “Of course, Manfred Mann. ..

Also note: Eagles of Death Metal Version It really leans towards “irrigation” as a joke.

* Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light” teeth Endlessly Terrible — ridiculous, wacky guitar solos, unplanned replacements and lyrics changes, playing chopsticks (!) As keyboard solos — of course, Mann’s version was a huge hit, surpassing the original by millions...

13 of the most misunderstood lyrics in music history

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