10 very niche theme parks worth visiting

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I love good theme parks. All the things people enjoy but can’t easily reproduce on their own (huge thrilling rides, disgustingly tasty junk food, boring teens in elaborate costumes) all in one place , Easy to enjoy. Especially since it used to be a realm of children and confused, a little boring parents, in recent years theme parks have become more welcoming to the whole family and can be enjoyed as adults without being stigmatized.

On the other hand, the theme park experience can be a kind of general. From roller coasters to water slides to spinning teacups, almost every concept has a lot of the same basic concepts. If your interests go beyond Disney, thrilling rides, and long queues, a typical theme park experience may make you a little colder.

But heaven and the planet have more theme parks than you’ve ever dreamed of. So if you’re looking for an experience that meets your particular interests, you may be lucky. Here are 10 of the best and most niche theme parks you can visit.

10 very niche theme parks worth visiting

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