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10 innovative discoveries made more recently than you think

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The world is full of tiny creatures that can make us sick, and we take it for granted. If your friend is infected with COVID and is coughing, you may be infected with COVID. Eating food dropped on the ground (more than 5 seconds ago) can make you feel sick.And if you have surgery, your surgeon Better Please wash your hands well.

However, it took a long time before this concept came to mind and became unacceptable. There was often the notion that dirty or rotten things were bad for you-It’s a known phenomenon, but the explanation didn’t reach the core idea of ​​existence. Bad things that can make you sick Therefore. Instead, they had the idea of ​​avoiding stinks and huffing rags soaked in perfume to prevent illness.Even when Mortality has plummeted After the hand-washing policy was implemented in a maternity hospital in 1846, the idea wasn’t really successful.The man he said who invented the microscope I saw “animal semen” swimming in semen and plaque I was ridiculed.

finally, Works of Louis Pasteur in the 1860s The germ theory of disease has begun to change my mind enough to make things happen.The disease begins to be associated with certain bacteria, and one of the first notable cases is Discovery of anthrax in 1876..

10 innovative discoveries made more recently than you think

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